Sunday, October 7, 2012

CT Family Photographer | Gabe is One!

I can comfortably say that this little guy below has done wonders for my business. He and his family have been a constant source of encouragement, flattery, and advertisement. I was sad to see Gabriel turn one in September because that meant his Watch Me Grow package was coming to an end. For the last year, I have spent time with Gabe and his parents every three months taking pictures of him during so many important stages of his life. At his nine month session I walked into their home and met with Gabe and his outstretched arms. Pictures couldn't start until he spent some time on my lap gumming a bagel for a little pre-shoot snack. 

While I know that Gabe and I will have plenty of time together as the years go by, I can certainly say I am both proud and sad to see him grow. From a helpless little two week old to a walking, talking, tank of one year old, Gabriel has blessed me in more ways than I think I can say. I have come to value the friendship of his parents. Their constant support of me and their push to see me be great has helped me expand upon a terrific business that I am so proud of.

Donny, Crystal, and Gabe- we love you guys and it has been our pleasure to follow you on this journey. Here is to the end of a year, but the beginning of a lifetime of friends, family, photos, and fun!

Happy First Birthday Gabriel Jackson! 

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